Hotel Piccolo Parco Limone piemonte

Alberto’s recipes
At Hotel Piccolo Parco you will enjoy the simplicity and delicacy of the traditional Piedmontese family cuisine; in memory of the taverns of yesteryear we offer, as much as possible, what we like to call ‘zero kilometre’ entrees to guarantee freshness and wholesomeness of the raw materials and to satisfy the palate of young and old alike.
…And for those looking for a 100% cholesterol après ski snack, we offer Alpeggio cheese with honey from the Alps of papa Giovanni and quince preserve, bread made in a wood-burning oven, cold cuts and, naturally, our unforgettable wines.
Also, for those who love to try new recipes at home, Alberto offers a few simple recipes from our Piedmontese and Occitan traditions; feel free to ask if you would like a specific one.
to make our celiac customers feel welcome, below are some recipes for cakes that, among other things, we serve for breakfast from time to time.