GTA Accommodations Facility
The Great Crossing of the Alps (Grande Traversata delle Alpi or GTA) is a long distance footpath that extends across the Western Alps in the Region of Piedmont.
Hotel piccolo is located in a town that is walking distance from the Marguareis Massif and the Salt Road.
The GTA footpath was inspired by the French Grande Traversée des Alpes at the end of the seventies. Its goal is to feature those areas that are less known by mountain tourism.
The path is broken down into 55 legs of five- to eight-hour walks. Normally, at the end of every leg participants will find a dedicated accommodations facility (GTA accommodations facility), or a refuge.
The path begins from the mountains of Domodossola and ends at the Ligurian Alps for a total distance of approximately 1.000 km and it is labelled with three bands: Red-White-Red and the acronym GTA in the middle. In some parts, the GTA overlaps with the Via Alpina….Continue…
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Latitude: 44.198363 (44° 11′ 54.11” N)
Longitude: 7.574973 (7° 34′ 29.90” E)