CHECK IN from 14:00 on the day of arrival
CHECK OUT by 11:00 on the day of departure.
PAYMENT FORMS ACCEPTED: credit card, check, cash, PayPal.
Upon arrival, you will be asked for identification to proceed to check in.
Later, any guests, even temporary ones must show identification card,  (only paper documents) after receiving management approval and they will be granted access to the bar area only.


The reservation is considered confirmed once a deposit has been received
1. Hotel contracts are atypical, that is to say not provided by law. It may be considered a mixed contract because it includes elements of real estate rental contracts, administration and independent labour and deposit contracts. A contract is considered executed when the customer completes the reservation; completing the reservation serves as acceptance of a contractual offer drawn up by the hotelier and the contract is then considered executed when the hotelier gains knowledge of the contract acceptance via the completed reservation. The customer arrives at the hotel without a reservation, the contract is considered executed when the customer accepts the hotel’s offer and occupies the assigned room. Pursuant to and in accordance with art. 1326 of the Italian Civil Code, sending an advance deposit means unconditional acceptance of the accommodations contract drawn up by the hotel.
2. If an advance deposit is paid and the customer cancels the reservation, the hotel has the right to keep the deposit. Advance deposits are regulated by art. 1385 of the Italian Civil Code. They are confirmation payments, self-protection and predetermination of damages. Therefore it has the triple function of preventive liquidation of damages, guaranteed obligation (the hotel that receives the deposit has the power to retain it in case of no-show or cancellation after a set deadline) and self-protection because the hotel has the power to enforce the contract in case of missed payment without pursuing legal action or sending a warning, but simply by notifying the party in breach. If the contract is performed, the deposit will be obviously deducted from the amount due by the customer.
30% of the vacation amount for stays over four nights;
100% in case of short stays from one to three nights.
the deposit may be sent via:
MONEY ORDER to the order of: HOTEL PICCOLO PARCO Corso Nizza 9 12015 Limone Piemonte CN
 the memo should say “deposit for reservation from …. to …. for Mr/Ms.……”
BANK WIRE payable to HOTEL PICCOLO PARCO Mr. Alberto Testa IBAN CODE it83 w030 6946 7521 0000 0001 457
Bic bctttimm
Filiale 77236
Limone piemonte
Intesa sanpaolo
Codice bban
W 0306 946752 100000001457

ONLINE via the PAYPAL secure server

CHECK to send by mail with memo stating “deposit for reservation from …. to …. for Mr./Ms. ……”
90% for reservations cancelled up to 21 days before the planned date of arrival
 50% for reservations cancelled between the 21th and 14th day (included) from the planned date of arrival 
NO REIMBURSEMENT for cancellations within 14 days from the planned date of arrival
IN CASE OF EARLY DEPARTURE management can keep as reimbursement the entire deposit amount previously deposited, or alternatively the cost of a stay of 3 days (night rate + breakfast) or management may request contract performance. 
Art. 4 practices in the hotel sector “ … those customers who reserve rooms agree to occupy them on the dates agreed or, at any rate, pay for the rooms from that date”.
Management suggests to those who wish to reserve a stay at Hotel Piccolo Parco to purchase basic vacation insurance coverage. A few euros will allow you to reserve and enjoy your stay in absolute tranquillity without worrying about not getting reimbursed in case you have to cancel your vacation or cut it short due to illness or emergencies.
Basic vacation insurance may be purchased online and it is inexpensive; here are a few available….]

Pets are allowed in the hotel via prior approval by management. If your pet is approved, the daily rate for your rate is € 10,00. Customers must care for their approved pets and not harass or damage people or property.
Please remember that your pet’s vaccinations must be up to date and the pets must be insured. Leashes and muzzles are mandatory and pets may not be left unattended in the room.
Please keep in mind that municipal regulations do not allow animals in restaurants.
MANAGEMENTit83 w030 6946 7521 0000 0001  4